Total hardness test strips

The total hardness test can be used to measure water hardness. Water hardness is caused by the presence of alkaline earths, primarily calcium and magnesium. Total hardness is measured as the sum of all calcium and magnesium ions in drinking, natural water, wastewater and water in heating systems (boilers, etc.).

<5̊d >10̊d >15̊d >20̊d >30̊d
<6,25̊e >12,5̊e >18,75̊e >25̊e >37,5̊e
<9̊f >18̊f >27̊f >36̊f >54̊f

Qty.: 25 strips


Method of application: Dip test strip into solution to be tested for 1-2 seconds and remove. After 60 seconds compare test strip with colour scale to determine the test result.

Storage: Avoid exposing the test strips to sunlight and moisture. Keep pack cool and dry (storage temperature not above +30°C).


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